Embrace the Ick

Topic: Embrace the Ick

“Think of something that truly repulses you. Hold that thought until your skin squirms. Now, write a glowing puff piece about its amazing merits.”


A hilarious topic though!

Well, there are many things that I dislike but something that really repulses and gets on my nerve is loud television. Why would anyone watch TV with a volume that is audible at a distance of even 200 meters away? Unless someone has impaired hearing ability, I don’t see any reason to force people to be a party to their favourite TV programs. It becomes more irritating during the weekend afternoons, when I, at times don’t get to enjoy a sound siesta.

I surrender…

Anusha: I don’t have a reason to be stressed, yet I feel so nerve-wrecking throughout the day, doctor.

Psychologist: This is a common syndrome these days. Try to relax your mind and occupy yourself with things and people that please you. Try these medicines for a couple of weeks and let’s examine the changes in you after 15 days.


Anusha left the clinic with the same set of thoughts she entered with. She was in her early thirties, married to a well settled business man and belonged to an affluent family. She had a good job to keep her busy and an extremely fun loving social circle. Logically, she had no reason to be worried about. Life had offered her all that was a desire of many. Still, she could not understand the reason of constant stress in her life. She tried all ways to keep this taxing away from her, but all in vain.

Eventually, this frustration started showing in her day to day routine. She spent hours in thinking what was going wrong and how could she set things right for herself. She daily tried to figure out the missing link only to disappoint her with nothing. Days seemed to be longer than they were; time seemed to have stopped. She could barely concentrate on her job and family, as if life had taken a U-turn for her.

One fine day, she gave up. She could not handle this phase anymore and started thinking of ways she could end her life with. Suicide was not her cup of tea. Then what else could be an option? She jogged her mind until an idea struck her. She managed to extract the details from internet and dialed an agency that took contracts to kill people. She booked an appointment for the following day and planned everything for herself.

The next morning, she left home with a photo and some money in her wallet. Upon reaching the agency, she met the personnel who were to take her contract. Anusha handed the photo and cash to the guy after making her terms and conditions clear. She agreed with the agency that they would kill Anusha in next ten days, as per their choice, without letting her know so that her death comes as a sudden thing to her and she doesn’t feel the pain of dying. Yes, she gave the contract to get herself killed.

Upon reaching home, Anusha felt relieved for some time. She started making a list of things she would do in next few days before she dies. How and when she would die was not known, however, she knew she won’t live for long. She planned a dinner date with her husband the same night and kept the itinerary ready for the following days. With each passing minute, Anusha started feeling tensed and worried about her contract. She did not want to step out of the house in a fear of getting murdered. Whenever she went out, her eyes kept searching for someone who might be there to shoot her. Anusha was not living before, but now stopped more in the fear of dying. Was this situation better than the one she was going through earlier? Anusha was dying daily and there came a day when she wanted to get rid of this feeling. It had been four days since she visited the agency and nothing had happened to her till now.

That fine Tuesday morning, Anusha decided to surrender her to life and not die in this manner. She realized that her days were more beautiful earlier and she had no reason to be strained. She had a beautiful life, which she didn’t want to end abruptly. She immediately stepped out of the house in a desire to meet the person who had taken her contract. Yes, she wanted to call it off; but as luck would have it, she was shot dead on the same day while she was on her way to meet that guy. Anusha was late and her life ended in the same way as she had planned. She left behind a settled life, which was meticulous in all senses. Why did Anusha do this?

There is no reason for us to be stressed until there is a candid reason. Life offers phases and all phases pass by if dealt with little faith and patience. Nothing is permanent and nothing is worth losing this life for. Life doesn’t always promise joyous days, but it does promise that after every ‘not so good phase’ joyful days will surely follow. It’s easy to end one’s life, what is left behind are the loved ones who die daily in the fond memory of their loved ones.

Sale Sale Sale!!!



You can’t escape these hoardings telling people that I am on! This word definitely triggers some kind of reaction in each of us, especially if you are a female.

Having said this, I would admit that I am one shopaholic whose antennas look for a signal like this and catches it faster than it becomes viral. I think ‘sale’ should be declared as an additional season to spring, summer, monsoon, autumn and winter. In Pune, Monsoon and sale begins almost at the same time, bringing double the amount of joy in everyone’s life. From a new born to a teenager to an adult to middle aged to a senior citizen, sale gives everyone a reason to smile.

It is so exciting to be a part of the crazy crowd that comprises of what I call as ‘sale strollers’ who wanders aimlessly and pick things they think ‘might’ be needed. On the contrary, there are many who are the ‘sale experts’ and knows exactly from where to buy. But what to buy is not a definitive list. However, there is some percentage of the crowd I describe as ‘sale focused’ who knows what they want and spend their entire time finding the best deal for the items on their list.

The overall experience of visiting the shopping malls in this season is very colorful. The innovative captions, decorations and deals do drive in the temptation to stopover at different stores. The trial and billing queues can be believed to be longer than the queues in temples like Shirdi, Vaishno Devi or Tirupathi. During this period, there is an unsaid acceptance of the saying ‘every man on himself’. You can spot a group of people walking into a store together but they would all be scattered within no time. You can also hear people calling their friends and family by names, shouting from different aisles wanting to have an opinion. In such cases, a response is either not received or is usually a quick nod.

Interestingly, one can easily read the expressions of the shoppers. Say, a very big smile is indicative that someone has been lucky to find right items with good deals and most importantly right sizes in case of clothes. In contrast, frustrated looks can easily convey an unfortunate timing. A Determined expression would tell that the person is not throwing in the towel yet and will keep fighting the battle unless something is found. An artificial smile would say that others in the group have been luckier and understanding that gardens are not made by sitting in a corner.

I particularly like to notice the people who accompany others without any personal motive of shopping. Such people generally look tired but try to maintain a smile, are seen holding a lot of hangers or shopping bag, matching to the pace of the shopper, engrossed in mobile outside the trial rooms or resting themselves whenever and wherever they can. Though majority of these victims are the husbands, but could also be wives, parents or friends in some cases.

Apart from this, sale is also a good period to test an individual’s tolerance, patience, judgment, mathematics and above all love. Trust me, sale can break or make a strong relationship, all you need to know is what you want and make the most of it. Not only this, sale also encourages charity by giving away the old items for making way for the new arrivals. Sale has so much to offer for everyone.

Sale is indeed one of the seasons I enjoy the most; full of life, energy, colors, excitement and above all – a great stress buster 🙂

When I am gone!


As I sit here, comfortably on a sofa in this coffee shop, I have a lot of time to keep the masses close to me by observing their behaviors. Each expression is different, each individual is peculiar. It is true that virtually every individual has a story – good or bad. We can’t recognize it for obvious reasons, but we can at least try not to be judgmental towards anyone. We don’t know what their story is.

As I delve more into my thoughts, I realize that beauty is so pretense. It’s something that is not permanent and definitely doesn’t define an individual. I wonder, how I want to be remembered as, after I bid adieu to this life. I certainly don’t want to be reminisced for my physical appearance – however it is. Rather, I want to be recalled for who I was as a person. My face will go away with my body, what will stay forever are my words and what I did for the people around me. I choose to be remembered as someone magnanimous and someone who tried to make others smile. And having known this, I will try to be the one for the rest of my life so that I can sleep in peace.

I have understood that it’s our choice how we want to be remembered after we are gone. If you know what kind of remembrance you wish for, strive to achieve it. Life is too short to start from tomorrow and without even realizing, you will lose it. Bygones can never be undone but what lies ahead can be shaped up. Don’t forget, there won’t be a second chance once this journey is over. It’s not about the luxury you have lived with; it’s all about the grins you have brought to others life. Be meaningful.

An eye opener!


As my maid came in today, she seemed to be very upset and lost, as if something was killing her inside. I asked her to relax and talk her heart out. Without realizing how her story would impact my thoughts, she went on.

Being a part of a poor family, she was married at an early age of 16 years to a man 10 years elder to her. This marriage was never blissful but more of a pain. Her husband was nothing less than a monster who abused and beat her almost daily. As the years progressed, she became a mother of two kids – a boy and a girl. By this time, she had accepted life as her fate and kept fighting and cursing her husband as a routine. After around eight years of her marriage, she realized that the husband has been into an extra marital affair since the time they got married. Like all other females, she broke down but kept living for her children and family.

One unfortunate day, news came that the husband met with an accident and died on the spot. All the years of curse and fights have come to an end and life would become better, is what she thought. She continued to provide domestic help at people’s house and raised her children. Her son is now a professional and girl is in higher school, both occupied in their lives. If all happened as she wished, then why is the lady upset and what is there bothering her?

She then expressed that she miss her husband. No matter how he was and how much they fought, at least he was there. No matter how terrible life was with him, at least he was there. Now, the children are busy in their lives and have no time for their mother.

I could understand where she was coming from and I felt sorry for that strong lady.

This story had a tremendous impact on me. It immediately made me realize that apart from our life partner, no one else will be there with us when we are old. No one will support us when we won’t be able to walk. No one will be there to talk to us when we will get bored. It’s a circle of life. Children will get involved in their lives; relatives will be busy in theirs. All we will have is our life partner. Her story will remain with me forever and will always encourage me to cherish the beauty of being blessed with a great partner. We all must respect this gift of life and not take it for granted, for it’s an investment that will mature in old age and help us survive the last few years of our lives, happily.

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