#MyShortStories in <=10 words


I took MyShortStory Challenge by the Times Group, which meant mesmerizing people with 10 (or less) word short story. As they say, even a few words can have a great impact! At first, I found it difficult, but as I began, I started enjoying it more and more. I literally had to jog my mind and expand my imagination. I came up with a few listed below. The results will be out next week, hoping for the best 🙂

1) She earned experiences but died poor. (6 words)

2) I’ll live from tomorrow and he died without living. (9 words)

3) Betrayal and love embraced her at the same time. (9 words)

4) Love and lies broke her life. (6 words)

5) He loved her and she loved ‘him’ (7 words)

6) Signal indicated ‘STOP’; she moved on. (6 words)

7) I saw God but spent life blindly. (7 words)

8) Everyone survives; he survived with a smile (7 words)

9) Heart stopped; prayers didn’t (4 words)

10) His marriage made her fall in love with hers (9 words)



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