Day6-A letter of your choice_30 day open letter challenge

<Disclaimer: Like many others, cell phone has become my dependency too>

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Dear Mr. Cell Phone,

Your popularity has compelled me to write a letter to you. I come from the time when landlines were in existence. Following this, the cordless phones were introduced, a significant revolution of that time. The cordless was soon replaced by the pagers and eventually you out shadowed the pagers as well. Ever since then, no invention could beat you. What is so peculiar about you that even though you were supposed to be used by people, you are using them instead?

I would like to thank you for making life far easier than anyone could ever imagine. You substantiate your worth in times of real need. Your presence gives each one of us a belief that we are safe and secure. These days, you are a companion in times of distress. You are a bank, an entertainer and not to forget a university (IIN) as a whole 🙂 . Won’t I be right in saying that today people wake up in the morning and check you as if you are the morning newspaper? My mind debates whether you have actually brought people closer or distanced the relationships apart. In my belief, you have come closer to your fellow cell phone but might have distanced the respective owners. Say for eg, phone A and phone B are connected through networking apps or sites, but are person A and person B in true sense attached to each other?

You should know how intensely people are committed to you, as if they are trying to prove their loyalty or something. A sidewards bended skull on a bike, downwards bended heads in public and folded hands reaching out to the ears is a common sight everywhere. People can touch each other, but not each others phone. Without you, it would be difficult to – know what time it is, to solve a math calculation, to remember a single contact number, to know the date, to be able to text a friend when at his place, to take a snap shot at a picture perfect time, to wake up from an alarm in the morning or to even find a way in the dark. Imagining someone else holding one’s phone is a nightmare these days. You cannot be compromised for love or anything else in the world.

People have come to accept that your shape, size and brand define them. But have you ever realized how soon you are worn out and then replaced by a new born fellow cell phone? I am sure there is a lot of rivalry amongst you all than the humans can ever imagine. Who looks slimmer, who costs more, who is more useful, who is smart, who is not, who is white, who is red, who looks beautiful, who goes on for long without the charging and lots more are your salient competitive features. I wonder how you deal with that.

Isn’t it a pride for you to see everyone addicted to you today? I rarely see a soul that’s free in true sense, for people choose to spend even a few minutes of their leisure time with you. You are the first thing people wake up to in the morning and last thing they see in the night. Have you kind of replaced their lovers? It’s a mini heart attack when you are not felt in a pocket. Most of the people are more scared to lose you than their loved ones. I appreciate the utility you have provided us with, all it leaves me ponder is whether we have handicapped ourselves having fallen into your girth. I have never been able to comprehend why relations are falling apart when you are such a smart medium for people to stay in touch.

I hope this small little thing in my head helps me understands this someday.

Your friend,

A dependent user!

Day5-A letter to a celebrity you like_30 day open letter challenge

<Disclaimer: In a hope that this letter will reach Rahul Dravid someday 🙂  >


Dear Mr. Rahul Dravid,

First things first, you are the first and the last affection I ever had for any sportsperson. I was lucky to see you in real in 2006 at a promotional event at Sector 18, Noida. The next I spotted you was at the Delhi airport during an IPL season. Your simplicity and smile has been your weapon that shots me every time I see you, either on screen or off screen.

I am not sure if this letter would reach you, but still I will write to express my thoughts. Many times you make me wonder whether you even know how great you are. You batted at number 7 on your debut; but isn’t it just a number? The fact that you ended your career as one of the game’s best batsmen makes me blush with pride. You always had the answer to all the tough questioners: to some with a big stride and to others with never-ending strength while standing tall on your toes and fending off their spitfires. When the team needed a squiggly-wiggly character that they could take for granted, you were there for them; when the team needed a rock-solid impersonation of determination, you were still there. That is what sets you apart: You played cricket for what it is, a gentleman’s game. You were for the team as a team. I don’t think there are many gentlemen playing the spirit of this game anymore.

When you were the captain, you gave the team many historic victories. You soldiered on in difficult conditions and you continued being the symbol you were. You led the team to victory in places where we hadn’t secured anything for quite a few decades. Of course, like the rest of your achievements, not many remember that. Luckily there are people who still do remember everything you have done for us. I am certainly one of them. Your calmness was and is still talked about, for your brought out the aggression at the right place in a right way, unlike, what we get to see in the matches these days.

Today, I miss seeing you play, I miss watching your steely, determined eyes in the slip cordon, and the awkwardness in front of the camera. You are the perfect man, the perfect cricketer and the perfect role model. I can’t believe that you asked a 20-year old girl to concentrate on her studies instead of falling for you when you were one of the biggest stars of the game. The best thing about your greatness is that you never knew it existed. That’s who you are. You are everything everyone should try to be; but you are Rahul Dravid and there can be none other.

Some of world’s best cricketers have also admired you for who you are as a person and a team player. You earned the respect that only a few have won. Steve Waugh once said that “Dravid’s remarkable career is a proof that nice guys don’t finish last”. For him, if the team didn’t bowl you out in the first fifteen minutes, they should rather focus on bowling the remaining ones out, for you were the wall that no one could break. Isn’t it an achievement to hear from Brett Lee that “If you can’t get along with Dravid, you are struggling in life” and what Bryan Lara said was truly worthy “if I have to put anyone to bat for my life, It will be Rahul Dravid”.

You proved that simple and honest people do succeed, you broke the myth that success comes only with manipulations. The news of your retirement literally made me cry. I wish you all the best for the rest of your life’s innings. Proud to have been in an era where I could see Rahul Dravid play. My respect for you shall always persist, for you will always be my favorite celebrity.

Yours gratefully,

Just another girl from Pune!

Day4-A letter to the person who has influenced you_30 day open letter challenge

<Disclaimer: This is for one of those few people who have influenced me>


Dear Ms.Sadhana,

I hope you are doing well and are in the best of your health and spirits.

This letter takes me back to the year 1995, when I first saw you. I believe you don’t remember me but I clearly reminisce that day of the school, when after the Morning Prayer, a tall – very tall, good looking lady entered our class and announced that she would be our new class teacher. After you settled yourself in the chair, I approached you as the class prefect to welcome you. I was impressed by your appearance, for you seemed so perfect. I was barely a student of class 5 and the confidence I saw in you was truly admirable. You became my favorite teacher not only because you looked smart but also for you taught us well. Learning English was never as interesting as you made it for us.

I confess that your independence influenced me and ever since then, I have not compromised anything with my liberation and individuality. It has become an essence and necessity of my life. Today, after 20 years, when I think of it, I realize that it must not have been easy for you to stay unaided in a small city, living it up by yourself. Today, I can understand all the challenges you would have faced, especially while confronting the unwanted people.

I do not clearly remember which month of the calendar it was, but I can never forget the lesson it taught me. We, as a class, were not informed about the reason of your sabbatical, until that day when you rejoined. I was a student of class 6 by then and I was shaken to see your condition. The shaved off skull, weak body and dull eyes narrated the difficult time you had been through. The respect I had for you folded, for I could not imagine any woman to confidently walk through the school corridors in a state like that. We lived and still live in an age where hair, color, body type and beauty defines a woman. You were bald, for you had gone through a severe surgery. You, not only defeated the illness but also the pretense ideologies that our society lives with. Yet again, your liberal thoughts and confidence swept me away.

You taught me that beauty is independent of the physical attributes that the people (read society) have generalized to define a woman. You still looked beautiful, rather more, for you added an extra element of strength and courage to your existing splendor. You were a substantial lady. I don’t remember my last conversation with you as there were so many thoughts running through my mind. All I recollect telling myself is that I desired to be like you in my life.

Sometimes, unknowingly, people leave their impression and impact on others, exactly the way you left on me. I couldn’t ever express these feelings to you, but today, I won’t let this opportunity go without thanking you for influencing my thoughts that helped me grow as a liberal, independent and strong woman.

Last but not the least; I still haven’t forgotten the farewell song that you sang for us. You were, in true sense a wonderful teacher, a composed soul and a beautiful person. Your smile was the best ornament that adorned your body. I hope and pray that it always continues to be the one.

Warm Regards,

Akshi (Gaur) Agrawal

Day3-A letter to your best friend_30 day open letter challenge

<Disclaimer: I share a one sided bond with my best friend and it doesn’t bother me>


My best friend ‘PAPER’,

I am with you again to share my inner most thoughts and that’s why I always choose you above all and everyone, as my best friend. I appreciate the silent beauty that you possess, the patience you hold and the immeasurable understanding you embrace me with, whenever needed. Before I write anything else, I want to delve into self-realization of what a best friend means? If I am not wrong, a best friend is someone who is there for you and with you in every situation, no matter how good or bad you are as a person. Someone who listens to you when you want to talk, who advises when you desire to listen and accepts you without being judgmental is a true friend indeed. Isn’t it exactly how you are?

Like humans, even you are versatile in the way you are with me. You come in form of a blank paper when I need to express something, you present yourself in form of a book when I need guidance or peace of mind and you bend down to be used as a commodity as per my needs. Never have I seen you retaliate or lose patience. I have always shared my deepest, darkest and sweetest secrets with you and I do not deny the fact that no matter how irrational I was at times, you heard it all from me.

The fact that you are the oldest friend I have been with, gives me another reason to celebrate the special place you hold in my life. My childhood memories take me back to the time when I used to scribble rubbish all over your body, but you never moved away. Those meaningless figures changed to alphabets, alphabets transformed into words, words developed into sentences and sentences merged into paragraphs. What I abide by is the element that you have seen me grow, you have taught me a lot and you have been there whenever I required to shrug my frustration or express love; just the way I expect my best friend to be.

Trust me dear, no one ever has been as close as you are to me. I agree that I might not be your best friend or the only support system in your life, but for me, you are truly someone who I look up to in times of distress or happiness. It hurts to be insolent with you at times, but I believe you understand the situations well. I respect your receptiveness and admire your giving nature, for you have never been hurtful, envious or egotistical with me. I value your presence in my existence because you add a meaning to my days. Do you remember the time when I was waiting at the bus stop in Jaipur, how desperately I wanted to be with you, for I had so much to share? I literally had to search for you and the moment you were with me, I didn’t know how and when the time flew. My incessant talks and your relentless patience helped unfold many answers I was looking for.

You have been awesome and I hope our bond continues to grow stronger with each day. Departing myself from you will be the last thing I would do while alive. I love you completely and need you always.

With love…


Day2-A letter to yourself as a child_30 day open letter challenge

<Disclaimer: Found this letter in my letterbox today>


27 March 2015

Respected Akshi aunty,

My name is Gauraksh Agrawal, I am in std 3 B. I go to St.Marys Convent in my school bus. My seat partner is Ayushman and Nisha is my best friend.

Aunty I want to say sorry to you. I broke the glass of your car today. My friend Rohit was also with me. While playing cricket, I threw the ball towards the boundary and it hit your car with force and cracked the mirror. I promise it was a mistake. My favorite cricket player is Virat Kohli and my hobby is to play cricket all the time. Rohit also likes Virat. He was trying to play like him. I watch all cricket matches. I also like Messi very much.

Please aunty, don’t tell anything to my daddy. He will scold me and will also not allow me to play with my friends from tomorrow. My sister Gaurakshi might tell my mother but I will not let her. Gaurakshi is in 1st Std and Shilpi is her best friend. Gaurakshi is daddy’s favorite. Daddy is in her team and mumma is in mine. Gaurakshi complains about me to daddy daily. Daddy has promised her to buy Magnum Choco Cupachino. Mumma will buy me a gun soon. I will kill Gaurakshi with my new gun.

Aunty, you are very nice and beautiful. I will buy you a chocolate from my piggy bank if you promise not to tell mumma daddy. Rohit is also sorry. The other boys were from Bramha society and they ran away. I stay in Blue Bell building in flat 302. I know that silver car is yours. I asked the watchman. We have a white Honda City. I like Audi very much and I am collecting money to buy it someday. Daddy says it is very costly. Mumma drops us to school some times and daddy gets scared when Mumma drives.

We also have a dog called Romil. It is a Labrador. He plays with me more than Gaurakshi. I share my chocolates with him. Mumma says we should not give sweet things to dogs. But Romil is my friend and I love him a lot.

If you accept my sorry, please smile at me tomorrow. I will be very happy. I will not do this again, promise. I will tell my friends to play carefully next time. I can give you some money to buy a new mirror. You can take all that I have saved.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely,

Gauraksh Agrawal

3rd B

St. Marys Convent, Pune

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