Day24-A letter of your choice (Urmila)_30 day open letter challenge

<Disclaimer: Not to criticize anyone, just to praise Urmila>


Dear Urmila (Mrs.Lakshman),

This letter comes to you from the Kalyug where people have grown listening to the tales of Ramayana and worshiping lord Rama. Here, everyone talks about the sacrifices that Lord Rama, Sita and Lakshman have made, which are truly unbelievable but rarely have I seen anyone praising you for the love and sacrifice that you made. I take this opportunity to tell you dear Urmila that even though you are a forgotten heroine of Indian literature, your sacrifices are truly unparalleled and I believe Ramayana would be incomplete without you.

The ageless stones of Ayodhya talks about you as a wife that every man would want to have. Your committed love needs no accreditation to affirm you as one of the most supportive wives of Indian history. Who do you think would stay away from her husband for fourteen years only so that her husband can serve his brother? I don’t know if this is how it used to be in the Treta Yug, but it’s undeniably something implausible to think of in the Kalyug. The way you valued your husband has touched my heart. You were advised by Lakshman not to accompany him in the forest and like a loving partner, you agreed. You willingly asked the Goddess of sleep (Nidra) to give you Lakshman’s share of slumber so that he could be wide-awake in exile to serve his brother and sister-in-law. Some fables tell that you remained asleep until Lakshman returned to Ayodhya and few narrate you to have spent lifeless days as if you were asleep, tending to your duties but without the slightest bit of spirit. The history reveals that Meghnad (Ravana’s brother) could only be killed by someone who had not slept for years and I attribute this victory to your sacrifices. As the story follows Ram, Sita and Lakshman, you are left behind unseen and unheard. I wish I could redraft Ramayana to give you your share of credits, unlike Valmiki who gave you three-four lines in his version.

I bow to the epic love that Lakshman and you shared, you both surrendered to each other completely. If Lakshman fulfilled his responsibility being a devoted brother, you stood with him like his shield to support him through that challenging time. Isn’t it what love is all about? I feel sorry that you didn’t receive the praise that you were worthy of. The ‘Ram-Darbaar’ encompasses idols of Lord Ram, Sita, Lakshman and Hanuman. How could the creator not add you as a part of it? It’s pitiful to see that your sacrifices are not talked about; you are not remembered for your unspoken love. How could the history leave you behind in the leaves of oblivion? The last detail we get of your life is that you had two sons, Angad and Chitraketu. And then you fade into the crowd of minor characters that populate the Ramayana, living out the rest of their lives unseen to readers.

Today, I confess that I would die to become a wife like you. The changing times have not changed the essence of love that centuries have seen. Let me tell you Urmila that you are a star, someone exemplary and a resilient personality in my eyes. If Ramayana is about Ram’s valiant triumph over Ravana, it’s also about Urmila’s inaudible agony, without which the epic wouldn’t have unfolded. In this era where I live, Sita, your elder sister is a portrayal of how a woman should be. Today, I add your name in addition to hers as someone to idealize. You were an ideal wife and I salute you.

In appreciation,

Just another name from the Kalyug!

Day23-A letter to your best quality_30 day open letter challenge

<Disclaimer: A word from my shadow to my quality. Here, You= equality, I=Shadow, Her=Akshi>


Precious ‘Equality’,

Let me introduce myself before I continue writing to you. I am the one who walks with Akshi when she is alone; I am the one who proves that she is alive. I am her counterpart and no one knows her better than me. So I thought to interact with you for the very first time today, through this letter, for I don’t have a voice that can be heard. I am Akshi’s SHADOW. What you and I have in common is the fact that we both are invisible. You are her characteristic while I am her companion. You are, in my opinion, the best quality that resides in her.

You are comprehended and respected well, for Akshi treats everyone alike. You are something that outlines her as a person. You keep her grounded; you keep her in terms with the reality. I have never seen her disrespecting either you or your essence. Be it anyone, from her domestic helpers to the colleagues at work, from the children playing at the roadside to her friends and family, she respects them all. You induce in her a sense of equivalent love for everyone, for they are all human beings before anything else. Your other companions like smile, compassion and sympathy come to her easily only because you are the most dominant characteristic that she carries along. You are a trait that talks a lot about people who follows you. I have personally seen that beam in people’s eyes when Akshi uses you as her means of communication. That awesome feeling of being respected as a person before caste, richness and status is beyond.

So dear equality, as I voice for Akshi, I request for your ceaseless presence in her life. She is known for you, by you. Let us both take care of the body that we belong to, for she will be utterly desolate without us. If you are there, she will never be deprived of smiles, blessings and well-wishers that would accompany her for as long as she takes her last breath. She will be reminisced because of you, while I will be gone with her like a true mate. I am perishable, while you will live in eternity. I wish everyone makes you a part of their lives. Wouldn’t that put an end or significant pause to the prevailing sufferings? Wouldn’t mankind become really kind? I am sure this world as a whole will become a more beautiful adobe to live in.

Cheers to you and your existence.

The shadow.

Day22-A letter to your worst habit_30 day open letter challenge

<Disclaimer: I had to struggle to find my worst habit, for maybe I have many or none 🙂 >


Dear Myself,

Let me be my own critic today to analyze about my worst habit. Though I have numerous, I am still trying to find which one tops the chart. After a mind juggling session, I have come to realize that skipping meals is the most disgusting habit that I own. I don’t really remember it’s origin, for no one in my family has ever fallen a prey to such a practice, however, I vaguely recollect it to have started with the onset of my professional life. Ideally, the new phase should have given a boost to the concealed foodie in me; it rather suppressed it to an extent that bunking on food eventually became a routine.

You know, ‘not-so-dear’ habit, how I personally disapprove of you, for I am aware of the ill consequences that you bring. It’s a myth that missing on a meal can help lose weight. On the contrary, it’s very unhealthy because this habit zaps the entire energy, lowers the nutrition values, affects the BMR and leads to harmful dietary practices. I don’t want to be misunderstood here, so what’s also true is that I am particular about my loved ones having their timely meals. But when I am not being watched, I cheat myself. More than anything else, I have suffered from frequent arguments with my spouse only because of this dirty practice. Avoiding repasts is never intentional; it just goes off my mind. I believe I need to fine-tune myself to be more disciplined 🙁

So Akshi, I know you are improving, but you are still way far from what needs to be achieved. Consume small portions, but do eat timely. You might have to pay for it later and repentance is all that you would have then. Take care of yourself because the groundwork for all happiness is good health. The one who has health has hope and the one who has hope has everything.

Otherwise, you are a fantastic package 🙂

Love thyself.

Day21-A letter to someone who has hurt you the most_30 day open letter challenge

<Disclaimer: Even though I was bitten hard, I still love Hardy>


Dear Hardy,

I hope you are doing well, wherever you are. Yes, isn’t it surprising that I am writing to you, despite the differences that we hold. It’s true that you are someone who mishandled my feelings and hurt me the most. We both are aware of the situation that was and how it could have been. It was indeed easy for you to be ignorant towards my emotions and expectations. What’s done has been marked in the books of memory and can never be erased. How could you bite me when we grew up playing together? We were like friends, siblings and yet you chose to hurt me only because I landed my foot on your tail?

I cried for hours, for you had bitten me. I cried for another couple of hours because of the injection that dad gave me afterwards. Your rudeness gave way to a lesson that I learnt. Sometimes, actions convey best what words cease to explain. I learnt to avoid sudden landing on a dog’s tail, even if it’s a pet. I impart this as a wisdom to my closed ones as well. As they say, everything becomes a part of our lives only to teach us something, you certainly were one such tutor. Saying that I have forgotten you will be wrong, though, I have forgiven you for your misconduct. I truly believe that we all are different individuals born with dissimilar intellect. You did what you presumed was right and I moved away with my own reasons. Yes, you hurt me badly, Hardy and ever since that day, I could not be as affectionate with you as I used to be. It was a mutual coldness, for even you had cold feet accepting me as your friend again. It happened in spur of a moment, unintentionally, leaving us both with unpleasant memory for lifetime.

However, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the scars that I have been a recipient of. My endurance multiplied, fears diminished and I evolved as a stronger girl. You helped me achieve a resilient state. I lost expectations from all dogs, for I believed that if you could bite me, then anyone else easily would. You were my first friend that I remember of, and we shared so many moments together. Even though you have hurt me the most, I still have a soft corner for you and will always miss your presence. I wish I could undo that one instant that changed the whole equation between us. I am sorry for hurting you and I am sure you are sorry for your part as well. Unfortunately, nothing can be done now. I still love you, Hardy and hope for your well-being in the Heavens above.

In your loving memory,


Day20-A letter to your future child_30 day open letter challenge

<Disclaimer: It’s difficult to think as a mommy without being one yet>


Dear child,

You are the most precious possession, besides your father that I own. I am sending you this letter since we could not be with you on your graduating day. Heartiest congratulations on your achievement, dear child. You truly are our pride.

Time just flies by, isn’t it? I still haven’t forgotten the day when we found out that a new life would soon be a part of the Agrawals. Within no time, our happiness knew no bounds and you were brought into our lives. Ever since then, our sole motive has been to give you the best of morals and life that we possibly can.

On this grand day, all I want to say to you is that life is not as rosy as it appears to be, but it isn’t hard either. All it requires is for us to do good, do our best and leave the rest to the Almighty to decide for us. We always have guardian angels around us; we just need to be awake to feel their presence. This day marks the beginning of another exciting phase of your life, where you will see all sorts of emotions engulfing you daily. I hope and pray for you to find lots of success, true love, honest rivals and the best of friends. My blessings are always with you.

Besides this, I also want to tell you to be like your father; self-made, fearless and responsible. I am gratified to see that you have imbibed your dad’s lifetime experiences as lessons, which have shaped you into who you are today. We were unsure of whether we would be able to do justice to this big responsibility of raising a life, of raising you, but as I see you today, I feel satisfied. You are a true reflection of how I dreamed of you to be. You have grown into an empathetic human being and I see you as a responsible citizen of the nation. I am so proud of you. I do not want to pressurize you regarding the career that you should pursue; Papa and I will support you in all your decisions for we know that you will be wise enough in choosing one. We will advise, suggest and guide, but finally it’s for you to decide. You must always know that your parents are with you on every step that you take.

I will now control my flowing thoughts and shall wait for you to be home when I can hug you in real and congratulate you on your accomplishment. This home, your papa and I miss you a lot and can’t wait to have you with us soon. Be safe and enjoy your last few days at the hostel to the fullest, for this time shall never revert. Give my love to all of your friends.

Love you, our beloved child.

Your mother,


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