Day25-A letter to someone who pisses you off on a regular basis_30 day open letter challenge


Yucky ‘Spitters’,

Yes, this is to you all, to your unsaid, unofficial community, for you piss me off on a regular basis. Wherever I roll my eyes, I locate one of you looking for a spot to spit. Most of the times you don’t even need a spot, you just spit. I want to ask you all what goes on in your mouths? Like for real. You guys are scattered and have captivated the cleanliness of the city or rather nation as a whole. The moment I am out of the house, I find not just one, two but many of you. You do not belong to one specific caste; you are beyond the religious boundaries and are independent of being educated or illiterate. Are you some human looking non-human species who maliciously choose to dirty the nation you belong to?

What I have observed is that you, the spitter community, have versatility in your patterns or should I say that you can be categorized into various types? Some of you are the ones who extract the pleasure from spitting while driving. Air is your immediate medium to spread the harmful germs for you can’t care less for the fellow citizens driving close to you. Some of you are the ones who hawk a wad of nastiness in your throats by expelling it on the park benches, sidewalks, movie theaters, Subway platforms, stairwells, and pretty much on any other open or closed space in front of you. I think it’s the nauseating temptation to color the neat walls or surroundings with red or transparent fluid. There are some of you who find it absolutely challenging to curb your spitting instincts in the elevators or office premises. You have to leave your impressions on them, isn’t it? You all are just oblivious, or simply doesn’t care, that anyone else is around and may not want to watch you dismiss the fluid from your mouths. How irresponsible and manner less!

The ‘Swach Bharat’ campaign should target you as the pests to eradicate this sickness out of the society completely. You all need to be tamed, very much like animals either compellingly or civilly. Sorry, did you just get offended? Your children grow up reaping what you sow in the same way like you cultivated your manners from your family. It’s a vicious circle and unless you put a break to this disgusting practice today, it won’t ever come to a complete halt. Mr.Prime Minister alone cannot do wonders, for we are the nation. It’s never the geographic division; it’s the citizens that define India. Enough of these old fashioned repelling habits…try something new. Try to be responsible.

I hope to see a day without spotting a single spitter. Yes, I am being optimistic that you all will change someday.

In complete aversion,


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