Day26-A letter to a stranger_30 day open letter challenge

<Disclaimer: This stranger took my heart away within no time>


Dear stranger,

You touched the strings of my heart today. We don’t know each other. I have at least seen you from behind, I am sure you would not have noticed me passing by you, for there were hundreds of vehicles taking over the unhurried bicycle that you were riding, with your wife occupying the carrier as the pillion rider. Oh, she was so beautiful. She held the seat of the bicycle as tight as she could. Her legs seemed to be looking for a platform to rest them. I also observed her scuffle to keep her saree away from the rim of the wheel. I wanted to stop and ask about that radiance on her face; that contented smile that I have not seen adorning anyone since long. I kept my vehicle as slow as I could, for I was falling in love with the satisfactory affection that you both carried. It seemed as if the world didn’t exist for you, as if you were the Adam and Eve of this era, all alone on an island.

I averted my eyes to look around and all I could see were stressed expressions on exhausted faces. Not even a single smile on hundreds of soul that were rushing for some reason and in harsh honesty, I was one of them. You proved that happiness is beyond the comfort of luxury cars, happiness is not dependent on the bank balance, and happiness doesn’t need worldly amenities to act as catalyst to make someone beam. You evidenced that love is an expression to be felt, doesn’t matter how fluently one converses or how extrovert a person is. It’s a strong feeling communicated in the most simple ways. You also demonstrated that no matter what circumstances life offers; all it needs is a courageous heart to face them head-on. Those few green bangles, those striking anklets, a miniscule ring (if I am not wrong), shining gold looking ear rings, a tiny red bindi and a touch of red vermilion on your wife’s head were her treasures and she seemed utterly satisfied carrying them with her, for she was rich in her unpretentious assets. I might be wrong in my understanding, but the innocent curve on your wife’s lips and your satisfactory body language gave me enough reasons to think this way.

I don’t even know your name but I wish for the best for you. You appeared as an eye opener and vanished in the cacophony of the busy road. It was merely a few minutes that I observed you, but those moments were heart felt. I was honked from behind to remind me that like everyone, I was also supposed to run. Where? I don’t know… For what? I am still clueless. I want to tell you dear stranger that you have found a permanent place in my heart and I will always pray for your well-being, where ever you are.

In honest appreciation,

Akshi Agrawal

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