Day27-A letter to your role model (Mr.Warren Buffett)_30 day open letter challenge

<Disclaimer: This is to one of my role models, there are quiet a few more>

Warren Buffett

Respected Mr.Warren Buffettt,

I am writing to you from India as I see you as one of the role models whom I follow. You are a brand name in itself and need no introduction to anyone. What should I address you as – a business magnet, an investor, a philanthropist, one of the world’s wealthiest people or one of the world’s most influential people? You are a perfect blend of all. Could anyone ever imagine that a child who sold chewing gum, coca cola, golf balls, stamps and delivered newspapers and weekly magazines door to door would create history by being one of the wealthiest people one day? It’s tremendously inspiring to see you achieve all on your own.

I truly respect you for the fact that you are one of the founder members (with Bill Gates) of ‘The Giving Pledge’ club and have pledged to donate 99% of your fortune to humanitarian cause and not leave it as inheritance for your future generations, which made you the largest charitable donator of history. It’s not something common at the land where I belong to. Here, it’s mainly the wealth that is cascaded to the generations; ability generally takes a back seat. It’s more like, a father earns primarily for his children, who in turn takes the legacy ahead and build something for their children and the cycle goes on, unless something breaks down in the whole process. So it’s more of a readymade environment rather than a self-made surrounding that is passed as inheritance. In your case, though I am not sure, it’s the belief that your children and their children will be as capable as you and if so, will build something of their own that made you courageous to donate almost all of your wealth. I have bookmarked your comment in my memory, which says that ‘I want to give my kids just enough so that they would feel that they could do anything, but not so much that they would feel like doing nothing’. Hats off to you, sir. It needs a lot of guts to put your foot down on something like this.

It’s truly amazing to know that you spend around 80% of your days reading and there was a time when you could read almost 600-1000 leaves a day. It says a lot about the intellect that you are a proud owner of. I want to ask you Mr.Buffett, how it felt to have earned an average of $37 million per day? For me, it’s a question about how I can earn so much, for you it would have been a question about how to spend so much J

You inspire the riches to join your club, which is for philanthropic cause. Actually it’s a simple question of how much a person or a family as a whole need to maintain an above average lifestyle. People mix greed with needs and thus are repulsive towards reasons like charity and humanity. You are a motivator, an inspiration and a hero I look up to.

Yours gratefully,

Akshi Agrawal

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