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Perhaps, we all know the feeling of waiting. It can be as minuscule as waiting in a queue of a coffee shop or as immense as spending an entire life waiting for something. It amazes me to think how we humans act so distinctively in different situations. Sometimes, it becomes unbearable to move behind a slow car. We speed up to overtake the vehicle in front, just to reach our destination faster, for we can’t wait. Sometimes waiting for the phone to charge seems like decades. And even it really only takes a matter of minutes (and even though it’s nothing more than a phone), we start to feel anxious, wondering how long this could possibly take…and sometimes we are ready to wait for years for something, which, at times, we know might never happen.

Who can understand the meaning of the word ‘wait’ better than a mother who eagerly waits for nine months to see her child, parents who impatiently wait to see their children staying in different geographical locations, a soldier’s wife who keenly waits for years to be with her husband, a child who fervently waits to become a teenager, a teenager who excitedly waits to be married, a shopaholic who waits for the seasonal sale and the list is endless. These are the ‘waits’ that we whole heatedly embrace, however, there are many that we wish would never end.

With each wait comes patience. With each wait comes faith and hope. While most of us are in a rush, it seems God is usually not in a hurry. We sometimes want God to move with our timelines but the Scriptures say He is slow at going about things. It seems He always has a plan and a purpose for everything. He makes waiting a part of life and for reasons unknown to us, He uses ‘wait’ as a tool to develop each one of us.

Waiting has a way of bringing out the best and worst in people. Waiting builds patience and patience in waiting for small things leads to having patience in the bigger things. Not just patience, waiting also builds anticipation and we tend to appreciate things the longer we have to wait for them. Waiting has a way of rubbing off the rough edges of our lives. God uses this time of waiting to transform our characters. I strongly believe that waiting during the difficult times thickens our relationship with God.

If we think intensely, at the end of each wait lays a change, big or small. It’s important to comprehend what we are really waiting for. In the deepest corner of our heart is always hidden an answer for ‘Why’. Sometimes, our heart dismisses what our mind clings on and such waits become tediously long. A wait accompanied with a clear motive becomes a fulfilling experience. A wait only for the sake of waiting becomes an incurable ache, which affects not just the peace of mind but takes away the beauty of life as well. There comes a point in life when our heart knows when to give up, for some waits are afar faith and hope. Such waits are never fulfilled. God always signals us to catch the omens and move on to wait for something more worthwhile. Though we know we should listen to our hearts but sometimes mind makes wiser decisions.

With all enthusiasm, I am readily waiting for so much. With the consent of my mind and heart, I have given up waiting for things that I have understood will never be rewarded. Today, I am celebrating the ‘Wait’, I am rejoicing the experience and I am living in each moment to cherish this gift of life.

Waiting for something fulfilling is a beautiful journey, for what lies at the end of the tunnel is always worth a wait.

Attitude of gratitude


As I glided through today’s newspaper, a section caught my attention and urged me to read it completely… And believe me you, it was really distressing.

It was about Madaya, a small mountainous town in Syria where up to 40,000 people are living on leaves and flower petals to stay alive, after having eaten all of town’s stray dogs and cats. It has resulted as an outcome of a six months long siege that the Syrian government has imposed on the town. The city has been cut off from fresh supplies of food and drink and the government could not uglify the situation more by laying landmines in the surrounding countryside preventing the residents to escape anywhere.

Many men, women and children have already died of starvation; some are still fighting the combat. As the Syrian winters are settling in, electricity and food sources have reduced from small to non-existent supply. As per a local resident, there are no more dogs or cats alive in the town and even the tress they have been living on, have become scarce. The situation is so alarming that the starving residents try not to move an inch from their place to conserve as much energy as they can. With dripping temperatures, the locals have been forced to burn plastics to keep warm, exposing themselves to life threatening fumes.

With a total of 40000 inhabitants, people are consuming the remaining animals, plants, flowers, leaves and grass. Although the adults are somehow enduring this calamity; many children and elderly are dying on a daily basis. The price of the staple food rice has risen to as much as $250/kg, far beyond the reach of even the wealthiest residents in Madaya.

How inhuman is this and who deserves a life like that?

This news brought out the attitude of gratitude in me to feel all that I have been blessed with. There is a part of the world where people are living on leaves, a mere thought of which shakes me completely. And there are plenty among us who waste chunks of food without a second thought. Not that the food we save will reach them, but the very thought of respecting the blessings we have been bestowed with makes a difference. And ironically, it’s us, who are still running in a never ending race to achieve what – A bigger flat, a more lavish car or a superior lifestyle? I just realized there is so much more to worry about. If we hadn’t had the basics, who on earth would have compelled us to fight for the luxuries? How often do we feel gratified when we wake up in the morning, next to our loves one with our health and body in sound reunion. Are we not lucky to have choices in our menu for breakfast? Don’t you think spending several thousand in a fancy restaurant on a single meal is sheer superfluity? What we have started defining as necessity is a luxury for many. Take out a moment to envisage that you are in Madaya right now, holding in your hands the same portion of food you left in your plate today, for either it didn’t taste well or you were too full to finish it. Will it be any less than the happiness we derive from buying diamonds or lavish apartments, for the one who has been living on tree leaves and flowers for days?

Having said this, I don’t want to be misunderstood at all. Being ambitious and being grateful are two sides of a coin. Talking about myself, yes, there are days when I do demand materialistic things. In all honesty, there are also days when I only think of belongings I don’t possess. The fact is that in this daily scuffle to maintain a certain standard of living, I tend to overlook the basics that my Lord has consecrated for me. So, in succinct, my prayers will now be more centric towards the simplicities of life like regular supply of meals, good health of the family, a shelter to live in, and a non-violent environment. I am sure these weigh far more than what we keep striving for. It also appalls me to think where is mankind heading to and where will all this end?

Will this ever conclude? If yes, then how?

Am I doing anything about it? No.

Can I do anything about it? Maybe.

How? I am not sure.

There is still so much to be figured out to make this life more meaningful.

And these thoughts are now interrupted by the routine calls as I look outside the window. The setting sun reminds me to get back to my duties and welcome the night with full enthusiasm. Another day is about to end, another morning will soon ascend. There is so much to thank life for, so much to look for. With thoughts this heavy, I finally sign off.

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