The child in me!!


The child in me can’t wait to see

The times to come full of glee.

All the happiness of my life

Fused together in a week so bright.

The clock is ticking with a gait so slow

Hundreds of emotions in my heart do flow.

The season of love is right here

February for me, is so dear.

The smallest of all but the romantic one

February truly makes memories for everyone.

The month of love as they call it

Brings joy for lovers and acts as a cupid.

The child in me can’t wait to feel

The beautiful and mesmerizing Valentines eve.

When red becomes the color of the town

Roses bloom and shine like a crown.

After Valentines is the golden day of the year

When my prince promised me love and cheer.

He made me his bride on that lovely day

Together we are happy, content, merry and gay.

Then comes the day which means so much to me

That day, for the first time, my mom’s face did I see.

I waited for nine long months to meet my mother

Lovingly, she brought me into this world and I met my father and brother.

The child in me can’t wait to see

The joys of life blessed on me.

I eagerly wait for my week of the year

O dear February, you are, undoubtedly my cheer.

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