Can’t keep Calm.. It’s my husband’s Birthday week


Is it not your birthday week?
Why is the celebration plan so meek?
Open the chains, set yourself free,
Forget everything and go on a shopping spree.

Put all your burdens aside,
Let your stress commit suicide.
Indulge in eateries, enjoy the air,
Make your birthday a grand affair.

Don’t let dieting take away your mood,
Eat everything, I know you love food.
Shop as a king and dress like a hero,
Add to your bill, numerous zeroes.

You are special for your family and me,
You were born to sing and dance in glee.
Let the child in you bring the best out,
Enjoy your week; laugh, scream & shout.

It will be the same routine throughout the year,
But this week  will not reappear.
You will have to wait for 364 days,
“It is your week” is what everyone says.

Just make the most of it,
Throw all your tensions into a pit.
This week will pass with the blink of an eye,
But the memories will forever stay and never say bye.

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