Where’s the Spring?

Friday, 28th April, 2017 – As I sit on top floor of one of the tallest buildings in the area (4th floor to be precise), in a glass covered balcony, I look down and take a close look at the locals walking around. I can sense something has changed since the time we moved here in the third week of March. Perhaps, the temperature has gone up by a couple of degrees. The long winter jackets have been swapped by spring coats and scarves. However, I still wonder where is the spring? With sun playing hide and seek most of the times, wet days almost throughout the week and snow showing its presence just a few days ago, it certainly looks like spring is still a long way to be embraced.

Amusingly, last week, it was just a bright sunny day with temperature still as low as 6-7 degrees, but the psychological respite urged people to come out on streets in their shorts, skirts, T-shirts or maximum a light spring jacket to cover themselves up, while I was still trapped beneath a couple of layers of jacket and sweater. Daily, the fierce wind moans through every crack and crevice like so many ghosts wailing together and beckoning me to join them. Meteorologists in Sweden consider spring to have officially arrived but regular average temperature tops zero degrees Celsius in nights for seven days in a row.

So what would have served as extreme winter condition for me back home is now the spring I should be enjoying than sulking. Initially, I restricted myself from going out for a couple of days or if at all I was out, I walked with my shoulders touching my chin, my wrists holding each other tightly and nose turning bright red in color. But now, I am accustomed to this. The only signs of spring that I see around are the budding flowers and blooming leaves on the trees. City painted in bright green, orange, yellow, red and purple colors is still a sight my eyes are longing to see.

Hilariously, the weather app shows current temperature as 7 degrees Celsius but it also mentions that it feels like 4 outside. I think this is what happens when you are so near to the North Pole. In contrast, for Mumbai, the temperature shown is 32 degrees Celcius but the actual feel is that of 39 degrees. The wind here feels like someone has put freezing hands on your naked body whereas in some parts of the country back home, the air would feel like somebody has put you inside a burning oven. Oh Mother Nature, you are so amazing!


Well, this is how it is! I am still confused whether the current  season is the onset of summer or winter season. Wonder what would harsh winters be like! A mound of summer clothes inside the cupboard is yelling to be brought outside into use. And daily, unhappily, I tell my collection, “it’s not your day yet”!

So while most of the Europe is already enjoying spring, after long winter nights, I choose to keep myself warm with a cup of filter coffee (Fika as they call locally) and scrumptious Kanelbullar instead of a cold white wine.  I am hopeful that one day; very soon, the tables will turn. Until then, let me enjoy more of hot ‘Fika’ and cold ‘vind’.


I should now say to myself “Welcome to Sweden”! 🙂

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