Diary Entry_Sweden_23rd Aug’17_3:55 AM_The known & the unknowns!

Isn’t it good to be unknown for a while, for a change? Ever thought how refreshing it could be to belong to a place where no one knows you? The only common thing between the lady I exchanged a smile with this morning and myself was the look of humanity. Our eyes didn’t know what hatred, love, jealousy, favouritism etc. meant.. we didn’t know each other. Yet, a mere exchange of ‘hello’ was so fulfilling.

Life is funny in its own ways.. being unknown amongst the unknown is a bliss. being unknown amongst the known is painful.. being known amongst the unknown is pride and being known amongst the known is sheer love. Some spend a lifetime trying to find where they belong to… for some, it’s just a matter of one moment.

Oh Life, you are a game player and no matter how much we prepare.. you are always ready with your 20th move!! Take a bow you beauty!!

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