Diary Entry_Sweden_25th Oct’17_10:00 AM_Don’t be judgemental

So… I usually have long travel hours… many people pity with my situation and sometimes I myself feel how hectic my days have become but most of the times I take this as a blessing in disguise as this travel, is a forced ‘Me’ time, where I can choose to either work, read a book, listen to music, look outside the window or just take a power nap. And I seldom complain about these travels.

Today, I had an early start of the day. I braided my hair, grabbed a quick snack from the kitchen and enthusiastically boarded the bus. The reason I explicitly mention all this is because I ‘thought’ I was energetic. Luckily, my favourite seat in the bus was not occupied, which is the one in the second last row. I sat, all attentive, with a mind-set of preparing a rough draft of my busy day. I wanted to sort the to-do list, prioritize it and be constructive right at the start of the day.

But there I was, sliding in the seat every minute. Within no time, I dozed off. The bus continued to halt at every stop, only as if that made any difference to my slumber. There was one moment when I opened my eyes, my brain still asleep though. I saw a man staring at me from the other seat. He carried a confused look. I slept again.

When the bus reached office, the man was still observing me. I was like that baby who was woken up in front of the house after a school picnic – tired and disheveled. My hair was everywhere. My eyes looked swollen, I think. I rubbed my eyes, and even though I didn’t want to, I yawned. Sounds so ‘imperfect’, right? Well, yes, it was.

Washroom and coffee was all I needed. But what made me think about this whole journey throughout the day was the fact that I think I was being judged. The man probably couldn’t understand what made me so sleepy… and I do not complain. So friends, if you ever see someone like this, please don’t be an arbiter. The person might be a parent!!! I wish I could tell that man that I was one 😉

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