This is a funny world!!

This is truly a funny world that we live in!

The backstabbers are polite on your face. The one who really loves you might not always show that. The promises are nothing less than mere sentences and words are weighed as the lightest possible thing. The vulnerability of close relationships surprises me! Sometimes, it’s easy for people to walk past the past and sometimes, it takes ages for someone to come out of it. Sometimes, there’s always an unfinished ‘something’ between two people and sometimes long associations smoothly come to an end. Why do acrimonious relations exist? It’s either good or not be there at all.

I find so much similarity between the ostentatious food of a flashy café and some people; both are so unsubstantial. What’s with the world and pompous behavior? People who have known (and ‘loved’) you since childhood are the ones to play dirty games. Are their dominating insecurities to be blamed for this? Knowingly or unknowingly, we block the harmless and make room for a few hurtful people in our lives. Sometimes, strangers metamorphose into lifetime friends. The fickleness of human mind with some feeble bond is a deadly combination. What we perceive as forever and beyond is nothing less than an illusion. What we think doesn’t have a future goes on until eternity. It’s distressing to observe that many people can’t live what really makes them happy. It’s more upsetting to see that some people live a lie all throughout their lives.

Amidst all this, I stand muddled!! My leery thoughts make me question the piousness of relations, the piousness of this world. The more I try to understand, the more lessons I am taught. Malice thoughts, breaking ties, false commitment, misunderstandings and thwarted conversations scares me. I feel that with time, we should grow as we change. We should empathize than just listen. It’s sad but true that we are not living in an ideal world!

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