What a lovely city it is!! So mysterious… so romantic and so ancient.

It wasn’t long before I marked this city off from my bucket list. Something always attracted me towards it. As if, something – someone – was calling me there… and to my surprise, I fell in love with the place as soon as I put my first step out on the road.

The town square is full of life and Charles Bridge is unparalleled to any other that I have seen so far. The musicians add such a charisma to the town! Wherever you go, you cannot miss following or being followed by exceptionally lovely cafes, music and lots of people. The narrow lanes seem to narrate the history of their existence and the dark nights only add to the eeriness of the city.

When in Prague, do not expect the localities to be over friendly; they are reserved in their own way. The nightlife offered by the city is worth a mention and praise. Do not miss the very traditional Czech Republican Trdelnik for desserts and be sure to add some extra pounds to your body. The beer lovers will find their joy in the local beers that are globally proclaimed for their taste and feel.

The architecture of the city will sweep you off your feet and you will be left in complete awe of the artistic touch that the city is known for. Every corner of this old city is adorned with audacious and loud sculptures and  I am sure they will leave you to wonder about the thought that created them.

All in all, I am not done with the city yet and will find my way there sometime again in the future. Who knows, I might have some roots linked to this mysterious place!

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