Dreamer Me!

Damn!! I want to fall asleep again…

I try hard, turn sides, count from 1-100, hum lengthiest songs on mute.. but can’t go back to where I was woken up from.. from a dream, which, when I think now, was insanely unrealistic but I loved being a part of it. I want to know what next was to follow. I want to feel the same rush of emotions through me. I want to see where it would have ended. I want to remember where it began from. I don’t want to let it go… I want to be there, in that scene, even if it means dreaming again!!

Why is life unfair at times? Like, right now.
Or is it extremely fair? Like, I was made to see and be a part of what I would have loved, but since it could never be my reality, I was offered to experience it in the dreams.
Fair enough? Should I rejoice or remorse? I don’t know!!

Whatever it is, dreams are crazily beautiful. They allow us to be silly, wild, irrational, quixotic and abstract at times. Sometimes dreams make us super happy. Well, does that count? Sometimes when they leave us scattered and shocked, we are thankful that it was just a dream. How conveniently we change!!

…And yes, I accept that I am a dreamer… for my love for the Moon is unparalleled. We whisper and share stories. When the Moon is away, I create stories in my dreams. And some, like this one today, is left unfinished. I won’t leave the conclusion on the leaps of my imagination; rather I will sleep tonight in a hope to continue from where I stopped. Or to start a new tale. I will find my way through the moonlight, dream again and punish myself by seeing the dawn before anyone else!!

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