Set out…

Some things never change – like the joy of dancing in rain or relishing the petrichor that is left behind. Call me an old school girl, but the scent of handwritten letters sealed inside an envelope is unparalleled too. I go speechless when I think of my endless love for Moon and the way it connects with me; yes, somethings never change!

There is also something magical about long drives, something about being in a car and going somewhere, somewhere far, away from the hustle-bustle or amidst the hustle-bustle, but going to a distant place… something so enigmatic about it all! This is one joy that I have not been able to find a match for, even after so many years. Looking outside that small window, in peace – it does something to you, something unknown. It awakens you from the inside, makes you reminisce. It does make you wonder… Takes you back to the time you once lived and makes you think about the people you once met or loved. Sometimes, it makes you remember all the people you once shared your lives with, the ones you loved and lost. The ones you had to let go. These people can be anyone, a distant relative or someone close. I can’t say whether it is a song or just the silence of the road that brings back these people from the oblivion to your present moment. I don’t know! All I know is that driving does this to you – it makes you remember them and wonder if they’re okay. It makes you wonder if they, too, sometimes wonder about you.

A long drive to any place will do that to you! It will make you remember where you came from, your roots. Sometimes, you will get nostalgic thinking about your childhood and sometimes, you will smile remembering your youth. You unknowingly increase the volume of a song that touches some hidden, untold chords deep inside. You remember family and relatives. Cousins you once played with – those silly pranks and irrational games – they all come to life! You want to go back in time and relive those moments one more time, perhaps, one last time. You feel the sudden urge to make a few phone calls.

A long drive will do that to you. It will either bring out the past and break your heart all over again or make you smile for all the memories and experiences you have gained so far. It will have an effect for sure – it soothes you, relaxes your senses and prepares you for the next challenge; a long drive is always worth it!

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