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Dear Visitor,

Welcome to my space. I am Akshi Agrawal, a software engineer by profession and a passionate writer. Very diminutive did I know about my interest in writing until one day when I took a pen and a register and started writing during my college days. Sentences turned into paragraphs, paragraphs into pages and pages into a couple of notebooks.

I personally believe that writing brings out a piece of your soul and heart. I write to relieve stress, to spread social messages, to entertain, to feel satisfied and to practice my hobby. There is never a specific topic in my mind as I choose subjects on the go.

Besides writing, I am a fanatic cook, a traveller, an amateur painter, a fairly creative soul, a budding photographer and a reader. Cooking gives me a platform to unveil my culinary skills (Trust me, I am not that bad πŸ™‚ ), travelling gives me lifetime experiences, which helps me grow as an individual, painting brings out my thoughts in form of figures and colors, doing creative stuff tells me that I am still young with diminishing ideas, taking photos brings out the ecstasy in me and reading provides peace and relaxation to my mind and soul.

Questioner: What is the idea behind this blog?

Me: As I said, this blog is my space. I dirty it with my stuff and later tidy it with my thoughts. At times there are unkempt sections, but who’s perfect anyway? πŸ™‚ I enjoy the independence that I have here.

Questioner: Do you aim to be a professional writer someday?

Me: Maybe. But for now, I am enjoying this phase where I am regular to this blog. I am giving ample opportunities to my lingering thoughts to vent out somewhere. I am glad it’s just a blog, else my thoughts and words would have compelled people to kill me by now.

Questioner: What is it that motivates you to write daily?

Me: I will attribute this to one and only, my husband Gaurav Agrawal. He is the man behind this blog and certainly the one who has suggested most of the ideas. He motivates me to pen down something daily so that this developing habit doesn’t worn off soon.

Questioner: Any message to the readers or visitors?

Me: Yes. I request everyone to go through my blog and share a genuine feedback. This will definitely help me improve. I hope people enjoy my writing, paintings, quotes, photography etc. I also encourage guest blogging, so if any one has anything to share, I am happy to be the medium.

Questioner: Lastly, What’s the best way to reach out to you, if need be?

Me: It’s simple. Either leave a message on this blog or drop me a mail at akshigaur@gmail.com. Either way, it won’t take me long to revert.

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    • Hi Hannah.. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I am from India and while I was browsing through your blog, I realized that you wish to visit India sometime.. You are most welcome, indeed πŸ™‚
      Where are you from?

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