[Review] Tanu weds Manu returns


Yet another masterpiece from Anand L Rai. ‘Tanu Weds Manu returns’ returns with more humor, entertainment and coherent emotions. No dancing around the bushes, no fancy locations, no glamor, no filthy richness and no ‘superstar’ faces .. A movie that mass would definitely connect and relate to. Right from the first to the last scene, the film is laughably and emotionally gripping.

The USP of the movie is Kangana Ranaut and the witty dialogues that cannot go unnoticed. Kangana as Tanu and Datto (Kusum) give a power pack performance. While one Kangana is enough to single-handedly carry a movie on her shoulders, Tanu weds Manu returns, comes back with two. Kangana’s impeccable acting, spick-and-span dance moves and contemporary dressing style steal everyone’s heart away. Madhavan, as always is calm and effortless in his performance. Jimmy Shergil looks hot and intense in his role and mustache. I quote Kanagana from one of the scenes in the movie ‘moochen jach rahi hain Avasthi ji’ 🙂 . Deepak Dobriyal, known as ‘Pappi’ (in the movie) stands as a strong pillar and delivers unforced acting hilariously. Foot tapping music, flawless direction and the comicality makes it a must watch movie.

To summarize, a 5/5 movie and a complete entertainer. It is one of the best sequels that Bollywood has produced for the audience. I don’t remember enjoying any movie as much as this one in last few years. Kangana, you are the lady ‘Khan’ of Bollywood who has set a different league and raised the bar as an actor. You are undoubtedly my favorite 🙂 .

[Review] Adultery_ by Paulo Coehlo


Adultery is Paulo Coehlo’s latest book, which is unlike his previous writings. The book is around a lady in her thirties, who, bored of her mundane routine is seeking some change or adventure in her life. One day she confronts her high school boyfriend and that’s where the story begins, unfolding the lady’s emotions, actions and decisions.
The book lacks a strong story line and the main character is somewhat confusing, I would say. In some parts of the book she is portrayed as a philosopher, someone who understands life well, while in major part of the book the character loses the rationale. The way the story is weaved is nothing extraordinary and a few characters and chapters seem to be uncalled-for. Some sections of the book are total erotica and leaves you wonder if they were really required or were added only to spice up the story.
After I finished reading, I could not decide which genre the book should belong to. It isn’t exactly a love story, not a thriller and definitely not a work of philosophy. The climax was very much predictable and throughout the journey, I could not understand if adultery was being supported or spoken against for.
I would rate the story and characters as 4/10, but for Paulo Coehlo, I would rate the book as 6/10, for he is still one of my favorite authors.

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