Song of the day_Lag Ja Gale_Lata Mangeshkar


Just when I got some ‘Me’ time, I tuned into Radio for a change. It was late in the night, 01:45 AM to be precise. In all honesty it is not late when you are a mother. So anyone who is looking for a reliable alarm can contact me… for I am usually up through the night 😉

Jokes apart, it’s at these wee hours that the radio stations play the best songs I believe. It was after, say more than a year that I heard this lovely tune, which made me jump with joy (luckily, not loud enough for the small bomb lying in a cot next to me to explode).

A song with such strong emotions conveyed so simply.

‘… Lag ja gale ke phir ye haseen raat ho na ho..

shayad  phir is janam mein mulaqaat ho na ho..

I don’t think anyone other than the Legend Lata Mangeshkar would have crooned it better. It’s true that we generally love a song for the memories that it takes us back to… and this one of course made me traverse the different lanes of my reminiscence to finally arrive at the time when I was first introduced to this classic melody. Those were the best days of my life.

Friends… an open terrace… cold breeze… deep talks… light music in the background… and this song.. WOW. Could we have asked for more? Such a night it was. Sometimes, we don’t really know when we are making memories. The moments, without announcing, become inseparable part of our hearts. All they leave us with is a sudden flashback where they rebound as immortal memories to do nothing but to make us sentimental… just like this one!

I am, without a doubt, in complete love with this song. Immediately, after the radio station played another song, I switched on to Youtube to hear it on a repeat mode. Don’t remember when I dozed off, nostalgically.

What beautiful lyrics –

‘…paas aaiye ki ham nahin aaenge baar-baar

baahen gale men daal ke ham ro le zaar-zaar

aankhon se phir ye pyaar ki barasaat ho na ho

shaayad phir is janam men mulaaqaat ho na ho…’!!!

A confession – I have been humming this song since the morning and need someone to help me take a diversion to a different tune!! Can you please ;)?

Song of the day_Tum hi ho-Arijit Singh


I call it my love Anthem.

One of Arijit Singh’s best. Mithoon couldn’t have done any more justice with the lyrics. The deepest of the emotions said in the simplest manner. I am sure to have soothed my senses with this song over a hundred times now and each time I hear it, it brings a new freshness, a new reason to appreciate this melody.

I won’t shy away from accepting that this song makes me cherish the love I have been blessed with. Sounds very teen-agish, but it’s true. Lol 🙂

It’s definitely not an exaggeration when I say that I picture only one image in my mind when this song touches my soul. It makes me fall and believe in love all over again. It takes me back to almost nine years when the most awe-inspiring person that I know planted his feet firmly in front of me and said “This is what I want.” There was courage, transparency. There was declaration. There was no insecurity, there was no need to compare myself to others or compete. The most honest person I ever had the privilege of loving chooses me every single day, and I choose him. It’s rightly said that – Nothing Truly Beautiful Ever Asks For Attention. Let that  be a beautiful relation and love. It just flourishes.

Tera mera rishta hai kaisa… ek pal dur gawara nahi

…Tere liye har roz hain jeetey, tujko diya mera waqt sabhi…


Kyunki tum hi ho, ab tum hi ho, zindagi ab tum hi ho….

Song of the day_Boondein-Silk Route


I was just having some ‘Me’ time when my playlist, unexpectedly, played Boondein from the album Silk Route. What a melody… what smoothness. I am not a Mohit Chauhan fan, but I like the ease with which he sings. This song  is close to my heart. Everything from the lyrics to the music to the voice soothes me down. Wonder what makes a song close to one’s heart – is it only the music, lyrics and technical implications or is it something more than that?

Boondein is a perfect blend of emotions. Mohit Chauhan’s effortless singing and meaningful lyrics is what makes it one of my all-time favorites. The softness this song brings to the ears is truly mesmerizing. It is a melody of love and tenderness. I particularly like the lines –

Saanson ki.. Raahon mein..Kya mile sakenge kabhi..Dhoonde tujhe Nigahein meri..

Saathi the..Janmon se..Rahon mein kyu kho gaye..Manzil humein bulane lagi’ …..

This song takes me back to one of the memories of late night drive in mild rain, cold breeze in company of my loved one. When I heard it now, all I wished for was a glass of wine, some rain and a long drive.

I lovingly hum these lines as I put a full stop to this page.. This song made my day today… A beautiful romantic composition.

Nagma ho..Bhiga sa..Ya tum ho koi gazal..Har pal jise Gungunata rahu…’

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