I call them my God!


Their little girl I used to be,

World with their eyes I used to see.

They showed me all the beautiful colors,

And taught me to think good about others.

I grew with a feeling that was so pure,

Everyone’s pain I wanted to cure.

But the world out here is not that good,

I cried for no reason to the max that I could.

There they stood…yes right there,

Who have always been there to care.

They inspire me whenever I’m low,

For all the tensions that I show.

     They tell that of all people in the world,

They are the ones who’ll always care.

These words relax me down,

And I feel like a princess with a crown.

I know I’ve them by my side,

And all my worries fly aside.

They are such a big support

Without them my life is like a boat.

A boat with no water to move,

Just a structure beneath the moon.

A hearty thanks to them for everything,

I want to tell them that with them life has a meaning.

I love them from the bowels of my heart,

People call them parents…I call them my God…I call them my God.

Crash the Trash


…. On a bright afternoon…

Empty Dustbin (sadly): Friends, I am sure your life is as adverse as mine. I was placed in this corner long ago, but no one uses me and thus no one comes to clean me. I feel quiet lonely. (Laughing): Dear Road and River, I pity you… the purpose that I am supposed to fulfill is wrongly served by you every day.

Flooded Bin (sarcastically): Shame on our lives my friends. I need a company as I am so overloaded. People throw the trash around me when I am full. The government neglects the need of an additional bin or replacing me with a bigger one. The littering trash attracts the mosquitoes and germs and the stench this package generates is truly abominable.

Busy Road (miserably): What to say about my condition? I was built to connect areas to help people commute with ease. On the contrary, the humans use me as a bin or washroom most of the times. I am a victim of dirtiness that includes people throwing garbage on their way, spitting, urinating and what not. I at times find used condoms and sanitary napkins spoiling me… why on earth will anyone do that? My peer ‘Railway Track’ is no different and faces the same.

Dirty Wall (disgustedly): I can understand your concern dear road. I was so proud of my beauty when I was built. Eventually, my beauty began to cease as people started damaging me by leaving red spots everywhere. Some sick minded not only spit but use me as a urinal as well. Why doesn’t the government declare ‘Red’ as the national color and paint all the walls red so that these stains are not clearly visible? I look so ugly today.

Unkempt River (empathetically): How sad is that! This sick minded race called humans has not left me either. I am a home for all sort of trash like plastics, papers, cans etc. When I start to dry after the monsoons, this garbage becomes more observable. I wonder why people don’t understand that I will help them survive in the long run. Why murder me? What can be the ways to stop these shameless people?

Busy Road: If we, the nonexistent can have brains to think about the corrective measures, why can’t the living ones then? Few corrective measures can be:

  • Including toilet education as a must, right from the day a child goes to the school. Learning toilet etiquette/hygiene is more important than learning how to write ABCD
  • More logistically placed dustbins in and around the city.
  • The waste management should improve.
  • Declaring a ‘Keep India clean’ week when people don’t litter for at least a week.
  • Spreading awareness amongst the mass.

Dirty Wall: I agree. The so called ‘best’ and the ‘breed with a brain’ (humans) appallingly spoil their surroundings. It’s a shame on the doers; however, the ones who ignore seeing this are to be equally blamed. Why doesn’t the educated lot stop people from strewing and spitting on roads?

Empty Dustbin: we should suggest the newspaper agencies to publish a small column where such shameful people can be unmasked. The people can take pictures of monsters that litter around and the next day one of them will be on the national newspaper.

Unkempt River: I fail to understand how the same people behave as cultured citizens when they go abroad?

Flooded Bin: That’s because the people and laws there don’t allow any nuisances like this. Here, no one bothers.

…….. Wake up darling; we have to leave in some time.

And I woke up completely shaken; it was a dream. I immediately recollected my journey to the office daily. During a 40 minute drive, I see all sort of littering but no one stops these boneheads. I don’t litter, but I don’t object either. The litterbugs should be exposed. It’s high time they realize that they are cursed everyday by their surroundings like roads, walls etc . It’s a shame that they contaminate the abode they live in; what can be more uncivilized than this?? Such senseless people are unhealthy; let’s help them by recover from this illness by teaching them what’s right. I am sure they will ‘get well’ someday.

Is Donkey over innocent or human more smart?


There are times when you sit and think about the different creations of God and wonder how all of them are so distinctive in nature. A sight on a lovely Saturday caught my attention and compelled me to think about it for the rest of the day.

While I was about to complete my trek on a high mountainous terrain, I saw a drove of donkeys carrying kilos of load on their backs, struggling to climb up against the gravity. They could barely walk and were being pulled backwards. I could see their stretched feet, almost wet eyes, innocent face, over loaded back and tired body. It was a pitiful view because if I, who was bare handed was stressed to walk, I could feel the pain the donkeys might be going through. As the drove passed by, I saw their bodies full of rashes caused by harsh beatings. Every time the donkeys slowed down, they were thrashed. Who is to be blamed for this? The donkeys who were struggling to carry the stones on top of the mountain or the humans who dumped the weight on poor animals knowing that the innocent creature will not retaliate.

It couldn’t have been worse as I saw two young men walking behind the herd of donkeys with only hunter in their hands. These young men were smart enough to hang their water bottles on donkey’s neck and so were left with absolutely nothing to hold. I felt helpless as I couldn’t do anything for the poor animal. Why do things seem so unfair at times? Are humans not the most dangerous creation of God ever? What justifies our civilization? I really wish for a day when all creatures enjoy equality, so that we – the humans don’t impose our superiority on the weaker breeds.

“My wedding Day”


It was my wedding day; virtually my last day at a place where I was born and brought up. Mixed feelings were settling in my mind. As a matter of fact, I was extremely sad on leaving behind all my belongings and accepting in my mind that a new place will soon be called my home. Time passed like a gush of stream and it was time for me to leave for the parlor. Not that big a thing it might sound, but emotionally I was touched picking up my belongings. I knew I won’t return the way I was leaving. Those were the last minutes at home as Gaur and I knew the next time I would return; I will be ‘Mrs. Agrawal’.

There he was, in one corner of the home. Yes – my dad my hero. There was something he was trying to avoid; something he was trying to hide. Avoid – looking at anyone and hide – his tears. He sat alone from the crowd and was sulking in himself. My feelings found their way through eyes; I approached my dad, looked at him and hugged him tight. The moment stopped and our silence conveyed what we wanted to. I didn’t want to go and he didn’t want me to leave.

Quietly he slipped in my hand a workbook which comprised of our pictures, some unforgettable times with family, all the moments where he was there with me, all times where I was naughty, times where I made him proud, times when I was gloomy, celebrations and all other perfect moments he could remind me of. He handed me the album saying I should not miss being with him in my new home. As I finished looking at the album, a note touched my soul and I hugged my dad as if I was never going to leave him. “You have been the best daughter and I have been the proudest father. God Bless you”

That moment with my father got captured in my memory for lifetime. I couldn’t have asked for anything more than this. I got some golden minutes with my hero before I left home to walk into the new phase of my life.

‘Have you earned what you own!’


At a social gathering, I was asked about a car I would love to have. After a small pause, I named one of the luxury sedans. Immediately, I realized that I left my friends amazed with my answer. Not because I chose some budget car, but maybe they were expecting me to say either BMW/Audi or one of the cars of this premium league. Mustering enough courage, one of my peers expressed that the car in my wish list was something I could buy any time. Well, actually he could be right, but did I really want to just buy it? This conversation left me wander with my thoughts.

I remember my college days when I could afford a lot of things, but I always chose to wait for the right time. In my view, you can buy anything, anytime but you have to ask yourselves – ‘have I earned it?’ I know a lot of people who possess luxury, because for them, it’s all about having money and spending on themselves. I know a 10th grade student having the best of gadgets, a first semester graduate owning a car and a young professional having all of these. It’s hard to be convinced that a 10th grade student would have earned an expensive gadget, for him it’s all about buying it. It’s not just about having money to buy something. For me, it’s a lot more beyond that.

There’s something about the patience, passion and hard work that goes in the background to earn what you own. There’s something about the sentiments attached with what you possess and there’s something about that little story behind ‘earning’ what you buy; and trust me when you look around you realize that everything that you have ever bought, always had a story that’s very personal to you. Cherish that! I follow, believe and value a thought that “Whatever you own should be earned, not bought”

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