My Quotes

Earn a living, don’t live to earn.”


“Let go of grudges to allow empty hands catch the blessings.”


“Sometimes, actions convey best what words cease to explain.” 



“Writing is like talking to yourself through fingers, to let the world listen to you through their eyes.” 


“Travel develops attitude, not just aptitude” 


“Time doesn’t heal any wounds; it just helps you get used to living with the pain.”


“It’s sometimes good to FALL in love else you would never know what hatred means.” 


“The more you expect from others, the more leverage you give them to hurt you.”


“Loving by convenience is as good as relying on the shade of a date tree.” 


“Writing brings out a piece of your soul and heart.”


“Impolite and short-tempered people start to depend on the forgiveness of the ones who love them, for they know that no matter what, that person will not leave them.” 


“Tears – Though a mere drop of water, but weighs a lot.”


“Whatever you own should be earned, not bought.” 


“A change in relationships is hard to deal with because that conversion is directly linked to our hearts.” 


 “Are humans not the most dangerous creation of God ever?”


“Words mean nothing if they are not followed by actions”


“Smile in pain, cry when happy” 


“Nothing is forever. Neither love, nor hatred” 


“Everything you do, comes back to you.” 

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